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We've been inspiring smiles since 1990 with our delicious, hand-crafted cotton candy. The experts in our cotton candy kitchen have perfected the art of candy-floss to bring you the best cotton candy there is to offer. With the use of natural sugar cane and delectable flavors, each bag is a guaranteed delight. Let us add some extra sweetness to your next event!

Rainbow Cotton Candy is the preferred choice for all sorts of parties and special events. We sell anywhere from a half-dozen bags up to hundreds, or even thousands of bags per event as needed. Don't wait because we need time to process your order because bags are made and scheduled for delivery!

We're often the preferred cotton candy sold at sporting events and arenas around North America. Our products are sold at some of the largest chains, retailers, and carried by many distributors. You can also find many of our cotton candy products in K-mart nationwide, Family Video Stores, some Kroger Grocery locations and various convenience stores around the USA.

Our prepackaged multi-colored and flavor variety are great for special events such as birthday parties, church activities, class parties, weddings, baby showers, fundraisers and retail sales. For your convenience, we offer fast, nationwide shipping.