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National Cotton Candy Day

Posted by Tanner Wetzel on

It is our favorite month of the year, the month of National Cotton Candy day! If a day is going to be dedicated to this sweet treat, we should get to know the history and some fun facts of our favorite treat. Cotton candy was originated in 1897 by Dentist William Morrison. You heard that right, a dentist! From there, cotton candy progressed and became much more popular until in 1966, Tootsie Roll Industries started producing bags of cotton candy, beginning the industry that we know and love today. 

3 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough:

1.Sugar is the only ingredient

Cotton candy is only spun sugar, dye is what makes fun colors that we have grown to love.

2. Cotton Candy is known by many names

In France cotton candy is known as daddy’s beard, in Australia, it’s Fairy Floss, in China, you’ll find dragon’s beard, and in the Netherlands, it’s called sugar spider.

3. A thread of cotton candy is thinner than human hair.

The longest cotton candy thread was created in 2009, and it was around the same length as 13 football fields.

Blog Image Courtesy of Tennessee State Museum