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How is Cotton Candy Made?

Posted by Tanner Wetzel on

One of the many things we love about cotton candy is how simple it is to make! 

1. First, and most important thing you are going to need when you are ready to make your cotton candy is sugar! Granulated sugar is typically used and contains small amounts of flavoring and food coloring, depending on what flavor you are looking for in cotton candy (our personal favorite is strawberry).

2. The next thing you will need is a cotton candy machine. These can range from personal sized cotton candy machines for your at home cotton candy needs, or very large industrial machines to make sure everyone can get cotton candy.

3. Then, sugar is placed in the middle of the cotton candy machine, where it is heated and spun very quickly. Once it is fully heated, it starts getting spun out to the larger bowl using centrifugal force.

-Definition of centrifugal force: the apparent force that is felt by an object moving in a curved path that acts outwardly away from the center of rotation.

4. The melted sugar will cool down into the fluffy sugar we all know and love on the outside of the bowl, and it is time to eat!