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Custom Cotton Candy Bags with Personalized Labels for Any Event!

Posted by Greg Wolf on

Are you looking for that little extra something to jazz up your party? Well, look no further. No need to thank us, knowing that we have brought joy is all we need to sleep through the night. The secret to your party's success is below (so keep reading!).

The perfect party favor is our ready-to-go custom cotton candy bags!

These pre-made cotton candy party bags are the perfect grab and go treat for one. The best part? You can add a custom label to make it even more special! Already convinced you need these, you can purchase here. For those that need more inspiration, just take a gander at all the events these custom bags would be perfect at.

Cute Baby Showers.

We offer cotton candy in 4 colors, and two of them just so happen to be pink and blue (see where we are going with this).  Choose the color that fits the theme, add a cute custom design and boom, you have the chicest baby shower there ever was.

Birthday Party's (for adults and children).

Scenario: You have a 5 ear old that wants a circus-themed birthday and she or he is demanding cotton candy at the party. You don't want to upset your lovely 5 year old so of course, you go on a search for the perfect cotton candy. You think a cotton candy machine is the way to go. WRONG! Take it from the experts, making cotton candy can get messy. So you then happen to stumble upon Rainbow Cotton Candy. Alas! There are small personal bags that would be perfect for your party and that the other kiddos will love. Even better, you can add a custom label to make it even more personal. The 5-year-old is happy, there is less mess, it's a win-win. Verified reviews here.

School Events, or Really Any Event that You Want People To Enjoy.

We have seen it all folks. People order these custom bags for weddings, school functions, charity events, corporate parties, movie screenings, carnivals, advertising, I mean really, the list goes on and on. If you aren't sure if these cute custom cotton candy bags are right for your event, ask yourself this question: "Have you ever seen someone frown while eating cotton candy?".