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Cotton Candy Coming to Life

Posted by Tanner Wetzel on

Cotton candy art-have you ever heard of such a thing? Fortunately, it is very real and just as cute as you’d expect it to be. In fact, a company called Polar Playground recently went viral for their amazing cotton candy art after foodie-turned-TikToker, Tram, featured the company’s incredibly fluffy and fun art. Polar Playground features characters from Pooh Bear to Baby Yoda, and while they do them beautifully, this is just the beginning of the kinds of things cotton candy can do.

Cotton Candy Flower

Chinese street vendor art

Roots of the art form

Cotton candy art originated on the streets of China. The delicacy was pushed by talented street vendors armed with nothing more than a metal bowl, a couple of simple tools, and a bright imagination, these street artists spin up tantalizing fairy floss creations right before your eyes. Since then, cotton candy art has spread west and became one of the most Instagrammable moments of 2021. Today, this is a service available through countless party planning companies and even an idea adopted at Disney’s Epcot. European artist Zuzanna Janin took this idea to the extreme decades ago, even creating wire frame cotton candy sculptures.

SWEET GIRL (Zuzanna), 1997

Taking the fun home

None of us at Rainbow Cotton Candy are unfamiliar with the artistic versatility of this unusual medium. From gingerbread houses to Easter basket flare to birthday cakes, we love the bright and fun touch it adds to any special occasion. We’ve even gone as far as basing crafting sessions with the kids around what they can create with a few spare bags of the good stuff! With colors and flavors to match each and every occasion, you’ll never run short on ideas to sweeten things up when it really matters!

Blog image courtesy @Polarplayground on Instagram