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3 Things You didn’t Know about Cotton Candy Grapes

Posted by Tanner Wetzel on


While they may sound like some fantastical work of fiction pulled straight from a 7 year old’s brain, fortunately, Cotton Candy grapes are all too real and have been floating around supermarkets since around 2011. The name itself is enough to leave the average fruit consumer dying to know more, so without further ado, here are 3 things you probably didn’t know about the elusive Cotton Candy grape:


      1.Cotton Candy grapes don’t actually contain any cotton candy or added sugar

According to Grapery, the vineyard responsible for this unique strain of fruit, this grape is as natural as they come. No added sugar, flavoring, or even GMOs. The flavor is described as vanilla or caramel without any tartness to harsh the cotton candy fantasy.  

      2. Just like any grape, Cotton Candy grapes are seasonal 

These particular grapes are available from mid-August to early September (get yourself to the store ASAP!). Conditions like weather, altitude, and air pressure all need to be just right to ensure these grapes are picked at their peak sweetness. In fact, a lot of vineyards have their OWN weather stations so they can be sure of the upcoming rain or shine.


      3. Cotton Candy grapes were created by accident!

The conception of this unique grape was unintended and lucky. In pursuit for a sweeter grape, Grapery hybridized your typical seedless table grape with a much more flavorful concord grape. Concord grapes are typically used in juices and jellies, but because of their seed content and frail skin, they aren’t ideal for munching. Grapery reported having created over 100,000 test tube variations before landing on the Cotton Candy grape!

Most of us here at Rainbow Cotton Candy prefer the real thing, but what a fun and healthy way to celebrate the harbinger of autumn. If you’re thinking about growing your own vine at home, good luck. Cotton Candy grapes are patented and exclusive to Grapery, however you can still soak up the fairy floss flavor for another few weeks before they’re gone!