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3 Sweet Ways Step It Up This Valentine’s Day with Cotton Candy Grams

Posted by Tanner Wetzel on

Every February the romantics of the world face the same issue: how will I impress that special someone on Valentine’s Day? While it might be a daunting task to attempt to convey your love for another person (or a few people!) in one short day, we’ve got a few ideas to help you step outside of the materialism of the holiday and let your feelings take the spotlight! 

1. Ixnay the Chocolate Cliché

    Let’s face the facts: not EVERYBODY is a chocolate person. Surprise your loved one with something even sweeter! Cotton candy is a timeless treat with a flavor to fit every taste, but to take it one step further, Rainbow Cotton Candy offers Cotton Candy Grams coupled with unique stickers featuring messages such as “I Love You” or “Thank You” as well as the option of a custom message to drive your feelings home. As a well thought out accessory or a few standalone bags with individualized heartfelt messages, your loved one is sure to feel thought of this Valentine’s day.

    2. Sweet Surprises

    Want to surprise a loved one this V-Day? Purchase a Cotton Candy Gram in secret through our website with your intended none the wiser and watch them light up upon receiving a bag of delicious cotton candy accompanied by a customized sticker and personalized message. Besides, getting packages in the mail is almost as much fun as gift giving nowadays! A small gift featuring a sweet message will be remembered long after the uniquely flavored cotton candy has been devoured.

    3. Show Your Love without any In-Person Contact

    Whether you’re sending a little something sweet to a significant other or reminding a family member you’re unable to see they’re still in your thoughts, a Cotton Candy Gram is a perfect way to show that person you are still thinking of them. We get it, sometimes it’s hard to show others you care without being face to face, but we believe this Valentine’s Day can still be filled with more love and sugar than ever!