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3 Cotton Candy Cocktails to Help you through 2021

Posted by Tanner Wetzel on

     We know that we don’t have to remind you what kind of year 2020 was. We also haven’t been pretending all of those less-than-incredible things simply evaporated on January 1st at midnight. We need a drink and you look like you do too! That is why we took the liberty of compiling a small list of cocktails that feature our FAVORITE treat: cotton candy! Whether you’re quarantined and looking for some cocktails recipes or just want to take your mind off of the realities of 2021, we’re here to help.


Cotton Candy and Vodka? Sign us up

    This little number features marshmallow or whipped cream flavored vodka, sparkling water, and of course, your favorite cotton candy. For some flavor inspiration check out Rainbow Cotton Candy’s 1oz clear bags. Take the sweetness up a notch with cake batter, keep things classic with strawberry, or add depth with lemon. Whatever your taste, a personalized, flavored flare is sure to keep things exciting indoors. 

How to:

  1. Place your flavored fluffy fairy floss in a lowball glass
  2. Pour 2 ounces (1.5-2 shots) of vodka over the cotton candy
  3. Top with sparkling water

     The cotton candy should dissolve immediately, add more to sweeten to taste!

Cocktail for the Kids

     The only thing harder than being stuck at home alone is being stuck at home with bored kids. Break up the monotony of nights in with a fun kid’s cocktail! This recipe features a clear soda with grenadine (or substitute with cherry Sprite or raspberry ginger ale!), cotton candy, and a sugar rim and cherry garnish. Make it themed with Rainbow Cotton Candy’s Gotta B’ Sweet 4 ounce canisters featuring flavors like birthday cake or unicorn toots!

How to:

  1. Dampen the rim of a champagne glass in a shallow plate of water
  2. Line the rim with sugar placed in a separate plate
  3. Place cotton candy in glass
  4. Fill to the brim with soda or sparkling water for less sugar
  5. Garnish with maraschino cherries

     This is a sure fire way to keep a smile on your little one’s face after the stress of virtual learning. Mom and Dad, you might need something a little stronger! 

Can’t get Better than Champagne and Cotton Candy!

     The real sweets lovers are familiar with this last classic that consists of a simple champagne and a fistful of cotton candy. For this particular recipe we recommend a brut champagne or drier. Make a statement at your next party with personal 187ml bottles coupled with Rainbow Cotton Candy’s 1oz clear bags with a custom sticker you can upload right on our website!

How to: 

  1. Fill champagne glass ¾ the way full
  2. Fill the last ¼ of the glass with Cotton Candy to allow your guest to sweeten to taste!
      If a mini champagne bottle and customized bag of cotton candy isn’t an Instagram-able moment, then we don’t know what is.