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Why is Freight so Frustrating?

How Can Shipping be so High?

Our world has become dependent on convenience and efficiency since sites such as Amazon have made anything you need accessible with the click of a button. However, we have all been there, ready to check out and become stunned by the shipping and handling costs.  We have all experienced first hand the struggle with shipping costs and we are here to explain why Rainbow Cotton Candy’s freight costs are the way they are.

At Rainbow Cotton Candy, we use Fed Ex for our shipping services.  All products ordered are shipped via Fed Ex ground/home delivery, the most economical way.  We ship enough cotton candy to get a pretty good discount off the regular pricing Fed Ex gives to somebody shipping only one box. We have integrated their shipping prices into our website which means we are charging exactly what we are paying for shipping your delicious cotton candy and we do not charge a handling fee. We also package your cotton candy with no extra space in the box to ensure that the smallest package possible is being sent to you.  The way Fed Ex (and every other shipping company) calculates the charges is by the size and weight of the package.  Cotton candy does not weigh very much, so it is  the size of the box and destination address that ultimately determines the total cost. Our typical box weighs 5 lbs, but because of the size of it we are billed as if it weighed 15 lbs.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to combat this because all the shipping companies calculate their charges the same way.

With that said there are some things you can do to minimize the shipping costs.  We would like to share with you some tips that might help you minimize the freight costs on your end when checking out.

1)    Ship to a commercial location – FedEx charges a residential fee when items are shipped directly to your door at home. In order to avoid that fee, have it sent to your work or a commercial building where you can pick it up.  This is the single most advantageous thing you can do to get the lowest shipping costs. 

2)   Do you live in a rural area- If your house is far from the FedEx facility then they could charge another fee on top of the residential fee called delivery area extended residential fee.  Combine the two residential fee’s and it currently adds $7.50 on top of the regular shipping fee for 1 case.

3) We are located in Arizona – How far away from Arizona are you located – shipping across the country is more expensive, especially if you only order 1 case.  If you order in 2 case increments on the 48 count 1 ounce or 24 count 3 ounce you save on shipping costs because we bundle the boxes to help save you money.


We hope that these tips help lower your angst with shipping costs and even though convenience comes at a cost, it is worth it to get some exclusively sold online items. If you are looking to purchase Rainbow Cotton Candy in stores we are available in some Kroger stores, Kmart , Family Video and a few others!

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Cute Cotton Candy Valentine’s Set Up

Love is in the Air

Cotton candy Pink Champagne

Do you want your party to give people tooth aches (because it’s so sweet)? Well, break out all the pink and red party decorations you own! Now that you’ve done that bring out all the candy you can find, because it wouldn’t be Valentine’s day if we didn’t indulge ourselves with chocolate and sweets. I know what your thinking, been there, done that. Well, maybe you need to add another ingredient to the Valentine’s day mix. But what? How about Valentine’s hugs (and we don’t mean the warm cuddly embrace)? We are talking about the sweet sugary goodness of our delectable cotton candy!

3 Ways to Set up Valentine’s Hugs

  1. On a tiered plater. The small bags fit perfectly on the plater pictured below and is a cute center piece for any party!
  2. On doilies. The pretty doily background provides a more decorative feel to any table and even when the cotton candy has been swooped up it doesn’t leave a boring table underneath.
  3. In champagne glasses. Cotton candy adds a cute decoration to any glass that dissolves in any liquid once poured over. The best part is then the drink changes to a pretty Valentine’s pink!Tiered Platter

These easy grab-and-go bags are perfect for School Valentine’s Parties. Let your crush know how special they are by buying them this extra special treat. Be different this year and switch it up! We promise that everybody will be impressed by your originality and out of the box thinking. The pre-packaged bags are a no mess, easy to set up treat that will leave everyone smiling. Order your case now before it’s to late!

We would love to know your feedback for our cotton candy and appreciate any reviews and comments! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Cotton Candy- Why is Having Sugar in Your Diet Good for Your Health?

Sugar is sugar is sugar, right?

Some sugar happens to be better for you than others. Here we are going to weigh out the pros and cons of sugar and you can decide for yourself!

Sugar Pros

  • Antioxidant protection
    • Some sources of sugar, such as chocolate bars provide antioxidants, which are chemicals that help to neutralize some of the harmful chemical reactions occurring as part of our metabolism and during exposure to pollutants. In other words, Chocolate can help keep our insides from rusting.
  • The feel good factor
    • Tell me, what makes your happier, eating celery or a handful of cotton candy? Sugar increases brain levels of several chemicals that create a happy buzz in the brain AKA a sugar rush.
  • Contains small amounts of caffeine
    • Small amounts of caffeine are good for boosting fat metabolism and increasing awareness. Candies such as chocolate bars also contain 10 times less caffeine then an average cup of coffee, which keeps people from over indulging in caffeine.

Sugar Cons

  • Calories
    • People describe sugar as empty calories even though we need them to survive. However, when people overindulge in the sweet treats is when the calorie count seems to rise. As long as this isn’t a reoccurring event, a little sugar here and there wont hurt.
  • Mood swings
    • Sugar can also cause swings in levels of endorphins – brain chemicals that affect mood. This can, in turn, produce mood swings as well as carbohydrate cravings.
  • Acne
    • This is a myth!! There is not a lot of supported evidence that sugar causes acne, so it is assumed that the acne is cause by hormonal fluctuations.

Tips to deal with the cons!

  • Eat sugar after dinner when you are less likely to overindulge
  • Learn to savor the lingering memory of each bite before immediately devouring the next
  • Make sure to wash your face every night


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Cotton Candy – Unusual Facts You Would Never Guess!

There’s more to cotton candy then just the sugar!

Time to throw out some prejudices that you may have against cotton candy, since lets face it, a little sugar never hurt anyone. In fact Cotton Candy might be saving lives! (well cotton candy and a few other things)

Fact 1:

Who was it that introduced cotton candy to the world? Ironically, a dentist named Dr. William Morrison partnered with a candy maker to invent the worlds first cotton candy machine. However, his idea of spun sugar was probably a ploy to bring in more kids with cavities. They called their new found treat Fairy Floss and sold 68,000 boxes in 1904 at St. Louis World’s Fair.

Fact 2:

Then, dentist number 2 came around and decided that Fairy Floss need a little fine tuning. (probably making it harder to brush the candy out of teeth) In 1921, Dr. Josef Lascaux improved the machines design and trademarked the name Cotton Candy.

Fact 3:

When cotton candy is spun, the sugar can create up to a 4 mile long string of sugar! That means cotton candy can literally last you for miles. These miles of sugar are not only long, but are thinner then human hair.

Fact 4:

Cotton Candy is known by a different name all around the world! What Americans call cotton candy is called “candyfloss” in the UK and India, “fairy floss” in Australia and Finland, “papa’s beard” (barbe à papa) in France, and “old ladies’ hair” in Greece.

Fact 5:

The sugar in Cotton Candy can help restore will power! For difficult tasks, some sugar makes people persevere longer and keeps them focused.  Eat some cotton candy while taking on a big project — from yardwork to homework — might go a long way.

Fact 6:

Cotton candy helps create new blood vessels! According to researchers at Cornell University, cotton candy can be melted down to create artificial blood vessels. The cotton candy fibers are coated with a thicker, stronger substance made from silicone (a polymer), which is biocompatible but not biodegradable (meaning that it can stay within the body safely and does not break down). Now we could get deeper into the science of it all or you can take our word for it! Either way its pretty cool!



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5 Reasons why Holiday Hugs are the Perfect Holiday Treat

Looking for the perfect holiday treat this winter that won’t break the bank or cause a huge mess in the kitchen! Then Rainbow Cotton Candy’s seasonal Holiday Hugs are the treat for you! With a week till Christmas this is a quick and easy treat to create a smile on anyone’s face! Still not convinced? Well here’s 5 reasons why Holiday Hugs are THE it treat this season.

  1. They are a small and convenient size, can you say perfect for stocking stuffers?
  2. We keep the sugar in our kitchen and out of yours! This means no mess and no accidentally eating half of your treats!
  3. They are perfect for handing out at parties! It could be as large as a corporate party or as quaint as a family get together.
  4. FLAVORS ON FLAVORS. You can personalize your holiday fluff to a flavor of your choice. Rainbow Cotton Candy has 8 delicious flavors to choose from that will make your mouth smile
  5. Kids love cotton candy! Surprise your kiddos this Christmas with the sweet taste of Rainbow Cotton Candy. They will not be disappointed!
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Free Rainbow Cotton Candy?! Is This Real Life?!

Yes, this really did happen! Some lucky folks were fortunate enough to run into our cotton candy representative down at Mission Beach this summer. The people who got this sweet surprise were nice enough to let us feature them in our video. Take a look and check out there reactions! Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram or like us on Facebook to be aware if free cotton candy is being handed out in an area near you!

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Cotton Candy – When Should I Buy?

Cotton Candy Bundle

We get asked all the time – When is the perfect time is to order Rainbow Cotton Candy?

Yes, there is a specific time frame in which it is best to order. We want the cotton candy to be fluffy and fresh for your event, making you 100% satisfied with your order.  If you follow our guidelines below, then your order will be as fresh as possible and arrive in a timely manner.

Make sure to place your order about 2 weeks prior to your event date. This gives us time here at Rainbow to process, manufacture and ship your order. Shipping may take up to 5 business days via Fed Ex Ground, depending on its destination.  Home Delivery runs Tuesday through Saturday and commercial delivery runs Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays.  Commercial delivery is always less expensive, so if possible have your order shipped to a business location.  We manufacture in Arizona, so if your location is close to Arizona it will arrive sooner than orders shipping to the East Coast.  If you need your cotton candy sooner or are concerned about the arrival date, please give us a call at 1-800-726-8918 and we will do everything we can to make sure you have Rainbow Cotton Candy for your event.

Cotton candy freshness

You do not need to worry about the freshness of the cotton candy. Our guarantee, when it arrives at your doorstep, is that it will still be as delicious as the day we made it.  If it arrives earlier than expected, the cotton candy should last until your desired date provided you store it in a cool area out of direct sunlight.  We have had bags of our 1 ounce Rainbow Cotton Candy sitting in our kitchen pantry for over 30 days and they are just as fluffy as the day we made them.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with our Cotton Candy when it arrives, please give us a call and we will do whatever we can to fix the problem.

Thank you for considering Rainbow Cotton Candy for your party or event!


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DIY Cotton Candy Without a Cotton Candy Machine

Yes, you read that title correctly!  We are telling you that you can make cotton candy hand strung without the machine. Ok, there might be a little more work involved making it instead of just ordering pre-packaged Rainbow Cotton Candy, but it might be fun to try once! This video was sent to us by one of our fans and we thought it was so cool we wanted to share it with everyone! The ingredients are listed below the video! Enjoy! And if you try it, let us know how it turned out!

Watch on youtube


1000 g sugar

1tsp vinegar

500 g water

Corn starch and coco powder mixture


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3 Ways Rainbow Cotton Candy Can Add Pizazz to Your Party!

  1. Cotton Candy Display!

The adorable displays above are some creative ways we have found to make cotton candy POP at any party. People will be gawking at your charming cotton candy table and wish they would have though of it them selves. These re-pinable ideas would be perfect for any wedding, baby shower or birthday party! I mean, who wouldn’t love to dive into a cotton candy cone? The sweet sugary sensation on your taste buds is enough to leave your guests beaming with happiness.

  1. Cotton Candy Drink Toppers!


Cotton candy is a great un-thought of addition to any cocktail or beverage! Rainbow Cotton Candy could be used as a delicious edible garnish or as an addition to sweeten the drink! These ideas would be certain to please and wow any guest with the complete originality.

  1. Custom Cotton Candy!

Rainbow Cotton Candy can specialize any order with flavors and stickers! It’s perfect for any event and our 1 oz. size is more then ideal for handing out. Rainbow Cotton Candy’s customization option allows you to decide all aspects of the candy and will fit perfectly with any theme. The creative originality put in by Rainbow’s design team will be sure to impress even your most critical guests!